(The) Enlightenment

(The) Enlightenment, 2022
3 min, 56 sec 

The video main content consists of footage from the European Spallation Source and fragments of an old lore from the Upanishads. The spallation source is a new large scientific facility under construction, that can be seen as a modern manifestation of the values of the Age of the enlightenment. The lore from the Upanishads can on the contrary be seen as an old and timeless story that deals with the idea of knowledge in a completely different way. When the word “Enlightenment” is looked up in the dictionary both the definition of “The Enlightenment” as the era representing science and reason and “enlightenment” as a spiritual state show up. This coincidence works as a starting point of an exploration of how the idea of knowledge can be understood, experienced, or felt.