When We Believed in Matter


When We Believed in Matter, 2022
Video Installation; monitors, 3D-animation
12 min, 6 sec 

When We Believed in Matter is a speculative broadcast medium taking place in a potential future. The broadcast or the show is about religion and a host is together with an invited guest discussing todays most popular world view, namely physicalism as a big religion happening in the past. The believe that matter is fundamental to reality is being presented as the core belief of this “religion”. The work is constructed in a way where it operates between fiction and facts – the broadcast itself is fictional, but the content of it is factual in the sense that real phenomenon, reports, articles etc. from today is discussed. By showing real phenomenon of today’s world in a different time perspective, a reconsideration of fundamental beliefs that might be automatically accepted in todays society is suggested. The idea of science as an objective and truthful institution is being deconstructed and compared to any other religions institution through time, who have held on to an unquestioned world view. 

When We Believed in Matter – Laptop Version